Geopark Association

The Associação Geoparque Litoral de Viana do Castelo is a private association without profit goals, based in the Town Hall of Viana do Castelo, which has an strategy of geoconservation of its great geological heritage with polytics of ambiental education and awareness, and promotion of a sustainable socio-economic development, based on the geoconservation, education and tourism.

Pursues the following overarching objectives, promoted through concrete implemented actions:

  1. Dynamize the Geopark as a Science Territory, creating activities and products that materialize the scientific and cultural knowledge of the territory and providing the conditions for its effective transfer to society;
  2. Reconciling the conservation of the natural and cultural heritage, with its educational and tourist enhancement;
  3. Promote education for sustainability, in its various dimensions (environmental sustainability, social sustainability, economic sustainability);
  4. Promote Geotourism, promoting and supporting actions that generate employment, qualify the Geopark territory and that contribute to the settlement and development of its population;
  5. Create quality services and products as a distinctive brand for the territory, promoting territorial dynamics and reinforcing the sense of belonging;
  6. Strengthen and streamline institutional cooperation, partnerships and networking;
  7. Implement a policy for training and monitoring the action of the Geopark's human assets, with an emphasis on the association's employees, teachers of Basic and Secondary Education and associated companies.


Contribute to the protection and conservation of the natural and cultural heritage, with an emphasis on the geological heritage and its geocultural interest, promoting its effective educational and tourist value. Streamline the geopark as a Science Territory, encouraging and supporting the deepening of scientific and cultural knowledge, and creating the conditions for its effective transfer to society.


To be recognized as an entity of excellence and reference by the local, regional, national and international community, as a promoter of sustainability and environmental, social and economic development of the territory, through the management of the Coastal Geopark of Viana do Castelo, following the guidelines of the UNESCO Global Geoparks Network.


Protection and Conservation of Natural and Cultural Heritage; Knowledge transfer as a basis for sustainable development; Action centered on good practices and knowledge of institutions, associations and personalities of recognized merit operating in the territory, as a guarantee principle for the good quality of the services provided; Focus on children and teenagers, and people with special needs; Work oriented towards technical-scientific competence, innovation and creativity, and respect for others; Teamwork and networking.

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